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Those who make up Express Way Inc have been in this industry for many years, from the owners, to management, operations, and even our drivers. We recruit experienced, dedicated professionals in all areas of our operations. When you use Express Way, you simply use the best. We are the most honest and up front company you can deal with. We base our entire existence on being 100% honest, combined with decades of experience. We have the resources, integrity, commitment, and dedication to provide the best expedite service available today. All this allows for efficiency, and efficiency allows for cost savings. This provides to you, our customer, a win-win situation. You get the best service coupled together with the best pricing. Call us the next time you have an expedite and experience the Express Way difference.   

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How are we able to cover your area with available trucks?  Express Way uses owner operators exclusively. This means we can recruit trucks anywhere in the U.S. If we find a need in a specific area, we can run ads in your local news paper, and or radio to hire on more trucks.   This technique works excellent for these reasons: • Owner Operators have a vested interest in their truck. • Owner Operators tend to be more responsible due to their vested interest. • Our Owner Operators are required to have newer equipment (Within 7 years). • Hourly drivers typically tend to abuse the truck. This does not happen with the Owner Operator. • Owner Operators are more professional, they understand the customer, supplier relationship, and the importance of maintaining a great service. • Owner Operators are located where you need them, not at our building.

Our Committment


We are committed to providing the VERY BEST expedited shipping service available! We are the Expedite Definition!The best expediters online and more importantly, on the road!

Professional Experienced Dispatch

Professional Experienced Drivers

Professional Managment

Excellent Track Record of ON TIME deliveries

Award Winning and Tier one carrier of the Year

All we do is Expedite and NO one does it better! 

Our Guarantee: We guarantee professionalism, quality, and service that will exceed your expectations. Saving you money, and worry, knowing your freight is with the Best Expediter out there!

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