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More profit per mile with dedicated personal customer base.

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You have found the expedite company that you have been looking for! 

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Get rolling on the Express Way and start keeping more of your money! 

The express way advantage

Bottom Dollar


Smart Owner Operators know that it all comes down to the bottom dollar, how much are you actually profiting.
It is one thing to run a lot of miles, but that does not mean you are making a profit.
Lets face it, most Expedite Freight companies will run you at YOUR expense.

Running a lot of miles at a low rate is a fast way to failure.

Running miles at a good rate is the Express Way to success!

100% of 0 = 0 / 65% of .50 = .33 / 67% of 1.20 = .80  

Running 1000 miles a week at low 65% of .50 per mile = $330.00

Running 1000 Miles a week at 67% of 1.20 per Mile = $800.00

PLUS we pay full fuel surcharge on top of the good rates.

Express Way does NOT compromise rates, we understand your bottom dollar is what keeps you in business.

We also understand that keeping good trucks and drivers keeps our customers happy & in business. 

Why Exclusive Owner Operators make MORE!


Express Way ONLY signs on Exclusive Owner operators. We do not play the game of sharing you with everyone else.

We get a lot of calls from owners that want to sign on with as many carriers as they can. They "think" that is the way to make money. That may generate money, but it will NOT make you a profit!
If you are signed on with 5 companies and they are all bidding on the same freight with YOUR truck, you have just sold out to the lowest bidder! Instead of running that freight for a reasonable rate, you just cut your bottom dollar!

Running exclusively with Express Way guarantees you the profit margin you need to be successful!

You owe it to yourself to SUCCEED!


Express Way offers its own distinctive customer base. 

We Offer good rates per mile with excellent fuel surcharge.

We Offer Direct Deposit.

We Offer a hard working staff dedicated to keeping you loaded! 

We Offer and Open Door Policy, direct to the owners.

We Offer Local (metro Detroit) and Long Hauls

We Offer our Authorities.

We Offer our Cargo Ins.

We Offer Fee Signage

We Offer Fast and Easy Orientation.

We Offer YOU this opportunity, if you meet our qualifications. Don't sit around any longer waiting for the lowest bid, take charge and get your Expedite on the Express Way!  


Download and fill out Application and email it or Fax it. 


734-944-0761 (FAX)

Owner operator Application (pdf)